SDC series Lithium-ion battery system for energy storage

SDC series Lithium-ion battery system for energy storage

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Application Scenarios

Industrial and mining enterprise in the regions with limited electricity availability;

Large oce building, scientic researching park with demand of uninterruptable power supply;

Railway stations, wharfs and airports with high trac density;

To reduce energy bills, in places with dierent energy costs tarifs shifting.

Product Introduction

The latest distributed energy storage system designed by Shoto, which is installed at power node, can provide power supply for new energy for families, corporations, remote and mountain areas and outdoor temporary power station, etc. The system is based on the discharge capacity of PCS and capacity of storage battery, it adopts modular design and has strong expansibility, and it can also meet the power and energy requirements of dierent users. Individual cells can achieve more than 3000 cycles. Comprehensive protection design of software and
hardware is designed to assure high safety and reliability of system. High-speed and real-time of PC control and communication networks ensure the timeliness and stability for data transfer.

Cycle Life Curves

(1) Cycle life curve under dierent DOD and temperature conditions for system

(2) Cycle life curve under dierent temperature conditions for system

Technical Parameters