6-SPB Series Spiral Lead-Carbon Battery

The Spiral Lead-Carbon Battery is a recent development of Shoto Group. The most advanced composite carbon material is introduced, therefore, the electrical conductivity and the specic surface area of negative active material are improved and a continuous conductive network is established; Finally, the sulfation are signicantly improved, the PSOC cycle life are greatly extended. With the unique winding structure, high assembly pressure and valve opening pressure , the battery’s dehydration is greatly reduced. Compared to ordinary battery, the battery has superior high-low temperature performance and high rate discharge performance, especially the security and fast charging performance are outstanding. The product is protected by ve patents namely: 02112897.9, 03152809.0, 03221098.1, 00310112676.1,200510040205.3

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Main Application


Communication station

Solar energy storage

Different standby power supply

Frequency regulation service


Applicable in -45°C ~ +75 °C

400 cycles at 25℃ @100% DOD

The designed float life is 15 years

The time of high rate discharge is more than ordinary batteries

Technical Features

With ultra-thin high purity lead frame design, a higher charge effciency with trickle current is achieved

With unique spiral wound design , the dehydration and bulging deformation of the battery are avoided in high-temperature

Excellent fast charging performance, more than 95% of electricity is gained within 40 minutes

Good battery consistency, available more strings in parallel

Adopt the lead-carbon capacitance technology, the battery's charge acceptance is greatly improved, allowed charging current is over 2 C10