Lithium Energy Storage Container

Shoto Mall

Modular Design
Modularization Designed System,Multiple Battery Capacity Various PCS Power in option

Flexible Operation Mode
Grid-Connected/O-Grid Mode
Seamlessly Switch
Multiple Auxiliary Functions

High-Performance Battery
High-Performance Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with long cycle life
Highest Eciency up to 90%
Active/Passive Equilibrium

Integrated System
Complete System Management(Energy Management,Battery Management, Heat Management)
Intelligent Surveillance System (Extinguishing, Alarm System,Humidity and Temperature Detection)


Bidirectional Converter
Power Converting System(250kW Rated)

Alarm System
Ensure the Safety and the Reliability of system

Lithium Battery Energy Storage System(BMS included)
The battery system is comprised of the battery module,
battery Cabinets, and Battery Management System (BMS)

Air Conditioner
Adjust the System Temperature and Humidity


250kW/750kWh System Parameter