6-FMX-G Series VRLA AGM-Gel Battery

The 6-FMX-G series AGM gel battery is the product developed by SHOTO through the international advanced gel technology with industry leading performance. The front access terminal design makes the installations quite simple and safe when placed on a standard relay rack tray or in a closed carbinet. With special grid design, corrosion-resistant alloy materials, superior quality gel electrolyte, proprietary activator and advanced sealing technology, 6-FMX-G series AGM gel battery devotes itself to provide more stable and reliable backup power for communication and energy storage systems.

Shoto Mall

Main Application

Solar & wind energy storage system

Off-grid & Bad-grid hybrid sites

Standby application


Excellent deep cycling performance

Long life design for float application, 12years

Suitable for 19in/23in cabinet, reduce the occupied area

High performance/price ratio and low annual operating cost

Technical Features

Special gel electrolyte without flowing to avoid acid stratification and can prolong service life

Front-access terminal connection makes it more convenient to install and maintain

Lower self-discharge rate and better charge acceptability

Superb security and reliability, the unique sealing technology can avoid leakage effectively