Micro Base Station AC Power Supply

The small system AC power supply is a new generation of intelligent environment-friendly inverter power supply system. Main feature: advanced digital control technology, combined lightning, DC current limiting, peak surge absorption, comprehensive automatic protection, unattended, intelligent remote monitoring and other functions into one, natural cooling system.

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Product Applications

Micro Base Station

Light pole station

Marginal station

Indoor distribution system

Outdoor pull away station

Ordinary backup scene

Product Features

The system has Wide range of AC input that avoid frequent switching to battery power and then extend battery life, reduce battery replacement costs;

Aluminum alloy shell comes with heat sink, natural cooling;

High efficiency, energy saving, the module power efficiency in the battery mode up to 90% or more without mains supply, the mains supply mode efficiency of 98% or more;

The system has perfect protection function with battery over voltage and under voltage  protection, output over voltage protection, output under voltage alarm, output short circuit, over temperature protection and others;

The system can automatically turn on and charge the battery after the electricity is restored to normal which effectively protect the battery, extend battery life, it can be configured lead-acid battery, you can also configure the iron lithium battery;

The system configuration intelligent communication interface and standard RS232 communication interface can directly remote debugging and monitoring the operation of the power system through the monitoring software, simplifying the network management and improve system reliability;

Dry contact communication interface including mains power, low battery, the system alarm interface.

Product Theory

The block diagram of the whole system is shown as below:

When the mains supply is normal: UPS outputs to the load equipment directly through the switch by the bypass of mains supply, at the same time to charge the battery through the charger.

When the mains supply is abnormal: UPS directly invert into 220Vac/50Hz output to the load device from the battery through the DC/AC inverse after DC/DC converter.

The system including optional package: rectifier module and power down protection device with output power 2KVA to meet the various needs of users. Equipment with battery over-voltage and under-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, output under-voltage alarm, output short circuit, over temperature protection and other functions. The power equipment designed for communication that support indoor and outdoor wall hanging pole installation that can reported information through the RS232 communication.

Product Electrical Characteristics

Product installation

According to the power line identification corresponding wiring, support wall installation or pole installation。